Sunday, April 2, 2017

Cold Sands Ceremony

On March 10th the Club hosted our first ever Cold Sands Ceremony to initiate Milt Fleming and  Peter Salvas. The two poor camel herders were found wandering in the desert near the entrance to 259 Elm Street but were judged to be worthy of joining the Nobles of the Sudbury Shrine Club.

The Club was particularly honoured to have
Illustrious Sir David Rawn, High Priest and Prophet Bill Sweet, Director John Hindle and Outer Guard William Sanders leading the ceremony. Other cast members included Sudbury Nobles Ambassador Barry Tooley, President Nels Conroy, Dave Sykes and Rob Fleming. It was extra special to have Rob initiate his Dad and
subsequently Fez him.

The event was very well attended with 25 Nobles observing the ceremony and welcoming our newest members. Thanks to some creative forethought from Noble Secretary Chuck, they were able to take home a keepsake of the event signed by the gathered nobility.

Many thanks to Noble McIvor for these images.

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