Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sudbury Shrine Club Donates $16,000 to HSN Pediatric BOTOX Clinic

March 30, 2016

Shrine Club Donation to BOTOX® Clinic
Wednesday, March 30 2016
10:30 am 
Children’s Treatment Centre

Since 2002, Health Sciences North/Horizon Santé-Nord (HSN) has been offering a BOTOX® clinic for pediatric patients with health issues such as cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury and idiopathic toe walking.
The clinic is offered through NEO Kids, HSN’s centre for pediatric outpatient care.
The Rameses Shriners (Toronto) and Sudbury Shrine Club have been supporting the BOTOX® clinic since 2004. During that time, they have raised approximately $400,000 for the clinic.
The Boardwalk Gaming Centre assists the Sudbury Shrine Club in raising money for the BOTOX® clinic by hosting a special fundraising bingo.
Approximately 25 BOTOX ® injection clinics are held each year at NEO Kids, serving 100 children.

The treatment team at the BOTOX® clinics includes a pediatrician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, and registered nurse.
Cerebral palsy is a disorder that affects the muscular, skeletal and motor development of a child. The effects of cerebral palsy may include spasticity, general weakness, loss of motor control, disruption of cognitive and communicative skills, bone deformities, and muscular contraction.
Juvenile cerebral palsy affects approximately two to three children out of every 1,000 over the age of three.

BOTOX® therapy involves the injection of therapeutic doses of purified botulinum toxin protein directly into the affected muscles. Derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, BOTOX® therapy inhibits the release of acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter) from nerve cells, blocking the signals that promote involuntary muscle contractions.

Several therapeutic benefits are associated with the BOTOX® clinic at NEO Kids. They include improved overall motor function/gait patterning; improved upper limb function (the ability to grasp and release objects with the hands); improved hand use for play, communication

and self-help skills; increased tolerance of bracing, and avoiding or delaying the need for orthopaedic surgery to correct joint/muscle problems.

March 30, 2016

Sudbury Shrine Club Donates $16,000 to HSN Pediatric BOTOX® Clinic  SUDBURY, ON-

Shriners in Sudbury and Toronto have presented a cheque for $16,000 to the Pediatric BOTOX® clinic at NEO Kids, the children’s outpatient centre at Health Sciences North/Horizon Santé-Nord (HSN).

Since 2004, the Sudbury Shrine Club and Rameses Shriners Toronto have donated approximately $400,000 to the clinic. The Boardwalk Gaming Centre assists the Sudbury Shrine Club in raising money for the BOTOX® clinic by hosting a special fundraising bingo.

“The Sudbury Shrine Club and Rameses Shriners are very proud of our long history and support of the Botox Clinic at Health Sciences North.” says Saliem Khoury, President of the Sudbury Shrine Club. “We are human by nature and Shriners by choice to help support children in our community.”

Every year, approximately 25 injection clinics are held at HSN, serving about 100 children.  Benefits of the BOTOX® injections include overall improvement in motor function/gait patterning (walking), improved upper limb function such as the ability to grasp and release objects with the hands,
and better communication and self-help skills. In some cases, regular BOTOX®  injections delay or prevent the need for corrective surgery.

“As this is the only pediatric clinic of its kind ¡n northeastern Ontario, it’s an integral part of what we do at NEO Kids and it exemplifies the need for specialty clinics like this in the North.” says Dr. Sean Murray, pediatrician and the Medical Director of the Family and Child Program at HSN. “We are very fortunate to receive continuous support from the Shriners in Sudbury and Toronto and it’s because of their generosity that we are able to facilitate and expand our Botox Clinic.”

The NEO Kids Foundation is dedicated to building awareness for children’s care needs and raising funds for services, equipment and research to help our youngest and most vulnerable patients. A healthy beginning builds a healthy life.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Vidalia Onion Sale

It is that time of the year again when the Sudbury Shrine Club undertakes its Vidalia Onion Sale to raise funds.

 Please take a minute to make that call.....705-524-0335

Proceeds are for the benefit of  Rameses Shrine Clubs. Payments are not deductible as Charitable Contributions.