Friday, September 18, 2015

Health Sciences North NEOKIDS/Shriners Pediatric Outreach Clinic

On Thursday September 17, I had the privilege to assist Noble Nels Conroy at Health Sciences North at the Outreach Clinic.

Let me begin by saying that this was my second time and I must say that this is one of the most rewarding experiences I have taken part in helping.

The children that you meet here are simply amazing and to see them work so hard to do what we take for granted everyday is awesome.

One of the many children that I met that day was a really great boy named Ben. I met Ben and his mother Melissa who were at the clinic to meet with Dr. Neil Saran from Montreal. They were gracious in allowing me to photograph their visit so we can all see the great work that is being done.....thank you Melissa and Ben!

This is Ben....a great kid!

Here Ben is sharing a moment with his Mother,  Melissa, while waiting to see Dr. Saran.

Ben is  a pleasant boy and the nurses also have a real soft spot for him

Then Ben finally gets to meet Dr Saran

Its time for Ben to show Dr Saran his abilities.

Everyone is out and watching Ben show his stuff!

Looks like everyone is watching and encouraging Ben...

And he makes it back and everyone including the Doctor appears pleased with Ben!

This was only one child that day who I had the privilege of watching and displaying their abilities...they all work so hard.

We also had a visiting Shriner to watch how the clinic is handled in Sudbury....great guy!

After the end of the day, there was a social hour held and the visiting staff from Montreal were invited to the Shrine Club for an opportunity to meet and mingle with the Shriners from Sudbury,

President Gord Fraser takes the moment to welcome Dr Saran to Sudbury and to the Shrine Club.

Having a discussion, from the left, Mario Rinaldi, Nurse Clinician from the Montreal Hospital, Noble Gord Fraser, President of the Shrine Club, and Dr Neil Saran, also from the Montreal Hospital.

A finally some of the great Nobles and their ladies who attended the Social for the medical staff from Montreal

As I mention at the beginning of this presentation, these kids are so impressive...they are a joy to watch and help as they improve and the opportunity to be part of it is simply amazing!

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