Monday, April 3, 2017

The official opening of the new Motion-Analysis (Gait Lab) Clinic at our Montreal Hospital

Sudbury Shriners were well represented at the official opening of the new Motion-Analysis (Gait Lab) Clinic at our Montreal Hospital – the most advanced of its kind in the Shriners network. Firstly, Lady Marion Searle, Past High Priestess of Bokhara Court No. 22 and Noble Chuck were present. Lady Marion was part of the Court’s major funding contribution of $500K for the Gait Lab. And, as an aside, this was the project that our Club donated $10,000 to in 2015 in support of Bokhara Court’s project. Secondly, Noble Phil and Lady Simone Finkle were also in attendance. Lady Simone had been previously honoured for a major personal contribution. Not one to let an opportunity go by, she arrived at the Hospital this time with 80 hand-made teaching dolls. For the uninitiated, like me, teaching dolls are used by medical staff to outline impending surgery to the children. Post surgery, the patients keep the dolls.
During the tour at the opening, a staff member was demonstrating one of the dolls that had been used. And, “Yes! You guessed it.”, it was one of Lady Simone’s dolls from an earlier contribution. If you are drawn to folk who just quietly go about a hobby/project you would be impressed with the dedication and pride of Lady Simone to this project.
The motion-analysis clinic or Gait Lab allows researchers, kinesiologists, occupational therapists and technicians to analyze the gait of patients through a series of cameras and specialized instrumentation. Patients in wheelchairs will also be assessed to see how they use their hands to roll the wheels forward to minimize repetitive strains.

Article written by Noble Nels Conroy

 Images supplied by Noble Phil Finkle

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